Xscream Scapes

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an escape game?
Xscream Scapes is an interactive attraction that is primarily a Haunted experience with escape game-like elements. However, your experience is not timed, and you progress through the multiple scenes within the attraction.

How can I buy tickets?
All tickets are sold through our online reservation system and are date and time specific.

Can I just show up?
We only accept guests who book online though our reservation system.

What if we arrive late for our reservation?
Guests should arrive 15 minutes early or no later than their reservation time. While we will do our best to accommodate our guests, late arrivals will not be admitted past appointment time to ensure the quality of the experience for other guests. Please make sure to factor in travel time, traffic, and weather. NO REFUNDS will be issued due to late arrival.

How many people can be in a group together?
8 people maximum per time slot.

How often do groups enter?
Every 10 minutes.

Is there an age minimum?
We recommend no children under the age of 12. However, there are no age restrictions.

If we get scared and don’t make it all the way through, can we get a refund?
Xscream Scapes is an intense, interactive attraction that is loud, dark, and foggy. Your experience will include special effects, mechanical devices, and live actors. There are no refunds given for people that choose not to complete the experience.

Are there actors?
You will encounter other beings.

Will they touch you?
No, they don’t need to.

How long will it take to go through the experience?
Approximately 40 minutes.

Is Xscream Scapes handicap accessible?
It is wheelchair accessible.